Tiffaney Whipple 12

Honored to be an educator for over 18 years and serving in various leadership roles, Tiffaney Whipple decided to extend her services outside of the school walls. After years of education, earning two Masters degrees (School Leadership & Guidance Counseling) and deciding to become a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell team, she started The Cenacle Leadership Group (CLG). The main focus of CLG is helping individuals and groups experience transformations in their leadership skills through a practical approach. The organization’s signature program is The Master Mentor Project, where participants apply a mentor’s mindset to their leadership style in a real-life setting. Understanding that mentorship is influence and influence is leadership was the inspiration for this model. Tiffaney’s super power is empathy, best described by her as being able to see the potential in everyone and every situation, and helping others see it too. Appreciating that achieving what one wants isn’t easy, she subscribes to what her father always says, “If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. So, hold your head high, move forward and make things happen!”

Tiffaney Whipple John Maxwell