Cenacle Clique

Cenacle Cliques

What is a Cenacle Clique?

Cenacle Cliques are communities of like-minded individuals who are aspiring to enhance their leadership skills. The clique is a hybrid model of masterminding, brainstorming, training, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen leadership skills for personal and professional growth. Our cliques allow for fresh ideas, different perspectives, and an opportunity to apply the knowledge to an individualized creation of choice. We train, coach, & support the group through a practical application process to ensure members transform and  achieve success.  Cliques are never larger than 12 members.

Key Benefits of Cenacle Cliques:

  • Learn leadership principles and skills with opportunities to practice them
  • Creation of a tangible product to improve leadership level
  • Sharpened professional and personal skills
  • Increased confidence and experience
  • Guided critical insight into yourself
  • Addition of a close, supportive community

Have questions about the Cenacle Cliques? Contact us. We’d love to connect with you.